Land Army Girl

August 11th, 2010

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19 Responses to “Land Army Girl”

  1. Blink London Says:


  2. juliet Says:

    Lovely vintage look!

    juliet xxx

  3. TorontoVerve Says:

    Very classy. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Wayne Says:

    Thank you so much, I agree, it is a great vintage look.

  5. FashionLifeCoach Says:

    What a great image and I am flashed by her attitude and secure styling. It is worth an applause and gets some bonus-credits from my side.

  6. Wayne Says:

    Wow thanks for the compliment, its so nice when I capture something so vintage, but so now. It must be the Zeitgeist.

  7. Sing Says:

    I love this, vintage at it’s best.

  8. 1940′s Girl | Says:

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  9. Arash Mazinani Says:

    I love this look, very vintage and i love the colour pallet she has chosen, especially the gloves. I like as well that you can see a sneaky bit of ink on her foot showing through.

  10. Annika Says:

    I love the beret! And the high waisted pants and sweater look great together!

  11. the Citizen Rosebud Says:

    Retro and contemporary at the same time. The coloring is amazing. And the detail of the gloves is so nice.

  12. the wooden lily Says:

    Has the glamour of a by gone era. and an inspired location!

  13. round up : Miss Moss Says:

    […] streetstyle aesthetic & stil in berlin […]

  14. Dalosianna Says:

    It is not only the perfect combination of the clothes and accessories, it is the half brave, half melancholic expression that makes you keep looking at her… I really loved this picture.

  15. wimbley Says:

    I think that she pulls off the white hair very well. It doesn’t age her; in fact, it brings out her porcelain skin and blush. And I like that she makes it relevant to the present with her fashion sense rather than just being a whimsical, fair, ice queen from a fairytale

  16. Olive Says:


  17. la Caprichosa Says:

    Uber chic look. So Katherin Hepburn. Elegant and stylish perfection with a peep of edge on the feet! 🙂

  18. Fashion Forestry Says:

    What a special beauty!!

  19. hilda Says:

    it’s the blush that caps it as superb. I agree with all previous comments. Gosh, those pants!

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