Tee Time Treat

May 14th, 2010

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7 Responses to “Tee Time Treat”

  1. Cecylia Says:

    Ah those boots are so cooooool

  2. the Citizen Rosebud Says:

    a breath of fresh air kind of beauty you have here. simply beautiful.

  3. Carissa Says:

    Love that Tee… so awesome!


  4. mat Says:

    agreed with the Citizen Rosebud for sure

  5. Wayne Says:

    Yes the air was very fresh that day, it was very breezy and Jude was going for a hair casting when I photographed her.

  6. iole Says:

    …love your blog…come to visit mine


  7. sofiasophie Says:

    she reminds me of Jane Birkin….

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