Shoe Zoo: Fab Three

March 23rd, 2010

The Louboutins are so darn-right sexy and I just love seeing his signature on the sole. The boots, well they are just out-there, fabulous! A very bold statement, the boots of many colours! Well back to sexy again! with the wedges, ooh! Worn by an Italian TV presenter, who’s hair was blowing around, so I stepped in, (where’s hair and make-up when you need them) and took the opportunity to grab this fabulous pair of Givenchy stompers.

8 Responses to “Shoe Zoo: Fab Three”

  1. Fashionistable Says:

    Where do you find these shoes, they are brilliant.

  2. Wayne Says:

    Thanks I’m glad you like the shoes I have captured. I found these in Paris.

  3. Anna Says:

    Loving those on the last photo! Giveme!

  4. Shoe Zoo: Fab Three : Says:

    […] here to read the rest: Shoe Zoo: Fab Three […]

  5. Empress Says:

    Love the last pair, so incredibly awesome.

  6. Wayne Says:

    The last pair of shoes are by Givenchy.

  7. kit Says:

    The last shoes are actually Versace, not Givenchy:

  8. Wayne Says:

    Sorry I stand corrected the last pair of shoes is Versace, apologies!

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