London – “Love Will Tear Us Apart”

November 26th, 2009

I struggle with writing the blog sometimes, especially the titles, which I love to give to my photo’s. My brilliant Art Director Peter has been fantastic with titles for posts, and has been an inspiration. I took my inspiration for this post from the song ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’ from the 80’s Manchester band Joy Division. So I am wondering, if Joy Division were ‘Post Punk’, then Cassandra’s look must be ‘Post, Post Punk’, how about ‘Post Apocalyptic Punk’ ? Answers on a postcard please. Perhaps it isn’t any surprise that I am off to Manchester for Esquire magazine tomorrow and another reason why this title popped into my head.

4 Responses to “London – “Love Will Tear Us Apart””

  1. “Love Will Tear Us Apart” : Says:

    […] posted here: “Love Will Tear Us Apart” […]

  2. mat Says:

    it doesnt matter what you call it, she looks ace anyways

  3. the Citizen Rosebud Says:

    The titles to your posts are always good ones. Like your portraits they are so good at succinctly capturing the essence of the personality and look.

  4. John Says:

    Joy Division were a 70’s band mate, and very much part of the punk ethos, despite the different sound, I used to follow them everywhere.
    Which makes this look, Post Punk I suppose, although she would have fitted in perfectly during 76/77.

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