London – Lucky Jacket

October 28th, 2009

Sarah told me that the ‘free for humanity jacket’ she was wearing, has brought her some good luck. When Sarah was recently applying for a part time job in retail, she left behind an impression, due in part her glittery, sequinned jacket. On returning to pick up her CV, Sarah was greeted with, “oh it’s the girl with the sequinned jacket – we’re glad you came back”. They then promptly offered Sarah the job on the spot.

4 Responses to “London – Lucky Jacket”

  1. Lucky Jacket : Says:

    […] post:  Lucky Jacket […]

  2. Genya Says:

    I really love her glamorous punk-ish style. And that plaid shawl is really beautiful too. I want a luck jacket too! I think we all could use a few of those 😉

    Hope everything is well in England…


  3. Marta Says:

    Wow I love her whole look!

  4. Wayne Says:

    Thanks for all your great comments guys keep um coming, they keep me going..

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