Paris – Workability

April 8th, 2011

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9 Responses to “Paris – Workability”

  1. Cecylia Says:

    the turqoise tights are genius!

  2. martins Says:

    beautiful color pallet…

  3. manu Says:

    Do you know where this picture was taken ?
    I may recognize the lycée Louis Le Grand in Paris. But I am not sure. Can you confirm?

  4. stuart Says:

    She’s literally head to toe in American Apparel, but she does look nice.

  5. Wayne Says:

    Yes she was working for American Apparel during PFW. I thought Maria had put together a great look, even though head to toe..

  6. Wayne Says:

    The location for the shot is L‵ecole de Medecine.

  7. manu Says:

    ok Thanks !

  8. Nieves Says:

    Can´t agree more about her tights and that marvellous color pallet

  9. nottingham architects Says:

    leicester architects…

    Street Style Aesthetic » Blog Archive » Paris – Workability…

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