Johnny Two Shoes

January 15th, 2009

Johnny works for a Music PR company. His bright yellow ‘Reebok ERS Racers’ really caught my eye and it just seemed right for me to photograph him where I approached him, by the newsagents with the rusted airline food trolley and the graffiti on Shoreditch High Street, it all seemed to fit.

Johnny told me he loves sports shoes and has a least 40 pairs.

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One Response to “Johnny Two Shoes”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Johnny Two Shoes
    You are a fashion icon! you look a bit scarey though and WHAT are you wearing on your feet?!
    I think the pink building you are wearing also matches your scarf and jacket and your pants (am I allowed to mention pants?) match the blue building you are so clever I nearly didn’t see you in that picture, you like have become part of the scene, man Cool as.

    Wayne Tippetts I love your website what a brlliant idea.

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