Milan – Coffee ‘N’ Cream

December 14th, 2010

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15 Responses to “Milan – Coffee ‘N’ Cream”


    Chic and gorgeous shoes!!!!!!

  2. Cecylia Says:

    I ADORE this look!! I’m such a big fan of blouses.

    I wrote a blog post about blouses recently =P

  3. Davidikus Says:

    I am not completely sure about the colour scheme. My grandmother used to wear these colours a lot. Christian Lacroix : Come back! Quick !

  4. Sing Says:

    Very chic, love the neutrals.

  5. thestreetfashion5xpro Says:

    Amazing! Chic and fabulous! Love the shoes….Great shot!

  6. Ginta Says:

    I love how she’s used all the hues of the cream and caramel.

  7. shin Says:

    anyone know what brand is her shoes?

  8. nyanzi Says:

    those shoes are insane. i keep being drawn to them from her beautiful face…

  9. Dee Says:

    I agree with the last two, those shoes are bananas! Second time I’ve seen it. Wonder who made them.

  10. Dee Says:

    @shin: they’re by Chrissie Morris!

  11. Wayne Says:

    I have added a shot of the shoes… x

  12. franca maisha Says:

    omg her heels are sooo perfect!! I need to have them!


  13. The Photodiarist Says:

    The shoes are off the hook and are only emphasized by her black nail polish.

  14. Cristalide Says:

    Trop génial… J’adore !!!!

  15. Mr. Pracci Says:

    What a wonderful blend of colors incorporated in the shoes – the pop of green is very nice. The perfect and sexy pedicure in the black hue sets off the look. This, ladies, is why you are the superior sex….sexiness literally from head to toe! From a man that truly loves and worships women, keep it up.

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