Paris – Protection

October 15th, 2010

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10 Responses to “Paris – Protection”

  1. Jiya Says:

    I want her shoes!! love the red

  2. bianka brudo Says:

    To be honest with you,terrible pictures…

  3. Fred Says:

    I remember this one. Great !

  4. Wayne Says:

    Thanks Fred! Is Paris burning yet?

  5. mila Says:

    She is so stunning *_*

  6. Fred Says:

    Not yet Wayne
    But it could … Who knows ?

  7. the nyanzi report Says:

    incredible colours.

  8. So Says:

    Amazing !
    Do you know her shoes’ brand ?

  9. Wayne Says:

    I just had a close inspection of the shoes and they are by U&ME.

  10. So Says:

    Thanks a lot ! 😀

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