London – Mash And Mix

March 31st, 2010

I think fashion students Anita and Gemma capture the London vintage look so well. Everything they are wearing is vintage, except Anita’s Ecco shoes, (on the left) . I especially love Anita’s Art-Deco style bag, and the overall mix of tones and splashes of colour that the girls have put together.

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10 Responses to “London – Mash And Mix”

  1. Jana Says:

    I really like the white floral scarf and I must agree, those girls have put it together quite nicely 🙂

  2. Mash And Mix : Says:

    […] here: Mash And Mix […]

  3. C. Says:

    Pretty cool, I like it .

  4. Fashionistable Says:

    I love it when people put vintage together so well.

  5. FlashFash Says:

    Great mix and match of different patterns.

  6. mat Says:

    they look great, esp like the leopard print and that wicked bag

  7. the Citizen Rosebud Says:

    stylish, adorable!

  8. stylespotterfashionblogger Says:

    Love their style. The girl on the left looks like Blair Waldorf. They look vintage but vintage chic.

  9. Davidikus Says:

    Nice looks – in one of my favourite spots in London…
    I think Anita’s style is far more successful than her friend’s – which is too busy, a wee bit over-the-top and trying slightly too hard.

    Great picture, thanks for sharing.

  10. sofiasophie Says:

    Anita’s bag is really nice!
    I agree with Davikus, Anita’s look is very stylish…

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