London – South Bank: Yasmin

October 12th, 2010

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14 Responses to “London – South Bank: Yasmin”

  1. thestreetfashion5xpro Says:

    Amazing shot…lovely style!

  2. Cecylia Says:

    Ah Yas, a style goddess

  3. TorontoVerve Says:

    Cool look and shot.

  4. FashionLifeCoach Says:

    Great footwear and to combine those shearling aviator boots with sheer maxi transparency is a fab styling work.

  5. Arash Mazinani Says:

    The boots are amazing

  6. carolina botelho Says:

    why she is wearing exactly the same dress with exactly the same boots of other blond girl in paris, that we can see at face hunter blog?

  7. Wayne Says:

    Hi Carolina

    What a coincidence.

    I have no idea! I have not seen the shot on the Face Hunters blog. Personally I’m only interested in posting beautiful photos on my own blog and don’t concern myself with what others do.

  8. bianka brudo Says:

    I’ve noticed too. I saw so many pictures of this blond girl in exactly the same outfit. It’s real plagiarism (

  9. Sophia Says:

    Yasmin wore that at London Fashion Week (as per picture) and London Fashion Week was in fact 2 weeks earlier…..blond girl wore this at Paris Fashion Week.
    I believe that these comments should be directed elsewhere.

  10. Wray Says:

    Does anyone know the designer of this dress?

  11. anna Says:

    who created the dress? Beautiful
    btw.greeeeat work

  12. Sophia Says:

    It is by Meadham Kirchhoff

  13. Wayne Says:

    Thank you Sophia.

  14. anna Says:

    Thank you!! The blondie is Elena, Russian girl married to a rich businessman. And you make good points. She is doing plagiarism. Yasmine rocks this look

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