PFW: Collar Co-ordinated

March 9th, 2010

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  1. PFW: Collar Co-ordinated : Says:

    [...] post:  PFW: Collar Co-ordinated [...]

  2. Ginta Says:

    love theatrical feel and his white shirt

  3. Nyanzi Report Says:

    I certainly agree with Ginta,
    The theatrics of this whole subject are well thought through and excecuted.

  4. Jonathan Says:

    this guy really knows what he’s doing! without the intentionally theatrical flair, it would probably fall flat, but this dude is really wearing the clothes instead of the other way around.

    well done on the mixing of proportions, too!

  5. Enrique Says:

    Playful without being ridiculous. the outfit was put together really well.

  6. dmtiry Says:

    i like this style! anybody knows about shirt, collar, jacket and other?

  7. Jean Philippe Says:

    Thank you for your comments.
    Hat: Costume Natinal
    Shirt: Christian Westphal
    Jacket: Christian Westphal
    Oversized Trouser: Damir Doma
    Belt: Damir Doma
    Shoe: YSL
    Sunglasses: YSL

  8. Wayne Says:

    Thank you so much Jean Philippe, greatly appreciated.

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