Hunky Dory

February 4th, 2010

I thought Zaini was rocking a cool 80′s vibe, with her leather skirt from H&M, and freebie hat from a nightclub party. Zaini’s bag is by Fiorelli, boots, tee and scarf from Primark. The tights are from a 99p store, gloves River Island and gloves from a random store in Camden.The cardigan came from a boyfriend.

Zaini loves edgy designers like Vivienne Westwood. Her least favourite look is the current trend for floral patterns. Zaini says “you will never catch me wearing flowery clothes, or leggins – cuz they can look a bit cheap and sluttish”.

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7 Responses to “Hunky Dory”

  1. Eyeliah Says:

    She is incredible!

  2. Hunky Dory : Says:

    [...] original post here:  Hunky Dory [...]

  3. Akan Says:

    she is the bomb! totally. no info? who is she? where are her clothes from?

  4. Cecylia Says:

    She looks like a model from Guess

  5. Wayne Says:

    Yeah now you mention it I think she does.

  6. Her boo Says:

    Babyy .. u look beautiful as always!
    Sucha model material .. Love u loadssss <3

  7. Arky Poo Says:

    LOOOOL at zaini gettin some next internet coverage! ahah doin it hard homie…
    well… personally i think her clothes are from george in asda BUT i feel as though i may be wrong… either way she still manages to rock it HARRRD and look AITE! feeling it ;)

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