London – Pick N’ Mix

January 26th, 2010

Romy, is a young fashion designer from Holland, working in London as a fashion intern.

Romy says” I am wearing a coat and sweater from H&M. My dress and bag I made myself. My boots are from Doctor Adams, which is a store in Holland. and the scarf was a present from a friend”.

“I have the feeling that colour is coming back, and I like colour very much, so I am glad to see all sorts of colours mixing up, –  I like this very much. I prefer soft pastels mixed with harsh colours. I like it when an outfit is mixed up and you have a feeling of, hum…. I don’t know if it works or not, but I like it as a whole.”

“My least  favourite trend is when I see girls wearing denim or ballerina skirts with leather jackets. I also don’t like the Goth look because it looks so depressing”.

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5 Responses to “London – Pick N’ Mix”

  1. sofiasophie Says:

    such a pleasure to visit your blog….

  2. Wayne Says:

    Thank you, so kind of you to say…

  3. kate bloom Says:

    This is a very interesting combination of colours and patterns, I like that its balanced out by the grey of that coat, a fun stylish view point.

  4. Roos Says:

    Roomm! Wow you look realy pretty!! I saved it on my pc so i can show everyone my crazy friend in London! hiehiee! Oh i miss you so much, please enjoy and don’t think ’bout all that schoolshizzl;) (Hoe doe ik het als engelse?) well bye! kissessss Rosemary

  5. Linda Says:

    Romy! How cool!! I think I’ve seen those pictures used in magasins too, had to use it in England as inspiration, so maby someone will use you now as inspiration!!
    Come back soon! Miss you!
    Xxxxx Linda

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