London – Natural Elements

October 26th, 2009

Akimi and Neil are partners in every sense of the word, they are both designers and run a  men’s clothing brand made from 100% organic cottons and dyes.  When I first saw Akimi and Neil I instantly knew they were a couple. this is also reflected in there brand, which is a blend of Japanese and English designed classic durable menswear. Neil looks like he is channelling the Alan Ginsberg beatnik look- blink and Neil could have of stepped off the streets of San Francisco or New York circa 1959 – rather than London 2009. While Akimi’s look has more of a homespun rustic country appeal.

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  1. Natural Elements : Says:

    […] original here:  Natural Elements […]

  2. Genya Says:

    one of my favorite pictures recently because it is so spontaneous.

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