London – The Man From Acne

September 28th, 2009

I have photographed Duncan, the Editor of the Acne paper before, but this is a much better shot. Looking cool!

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9 Responses to “London – The Man From Acne”

  1. The Man From Acne : Says:

    […] the rest here:  The Man From Acne […]

  2. Blank Label Says:

    awesome hair!
    i want to say i love the shoes, but they seem too feminine for my taste.
    but i love when ppl take a bold move with fashion.
    love the manbag too =)

  3. wcgut Says:

    gotta love a man in yellow loafers, tassel loafers!

  4. Miguel Paolo Celestial Says:

    I think the previous shot was better (, though of course both are good.

    There’s something in his belt, shorts, and swagger in your previous post…


  5. Wayne Says:

    Thanks for the input. That’s what I love about the blog, everybody has a different opinion.

  6. Kevin Says:

    I love both shots! His style is just so effortlessly relaxed!:-P Do take more men’s fashion pics, you have a great eye for spotting cool styles on real people:-)

  7. JJ Says:

    Love It!! I just adore a man with sockless loafers! Soo cute! <3

  8. the Citizen Rosebud Says:

    I just discovered your site about two weeks ago, and I love it! It’s top notch. I wish you’d sign up on bloglovin’ so I could follow you there. Makes it easy to subscribe to your blog, and I’d know when you posted a new post.

    Great photography! xo. -Bella Q

  9. sabrina Says:

    wouahh!very elegant,chic and so simple!!



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