LFW 09:09 – The September Issue

September 21st, 2009

I had the pleasure to briefly chat with Anna Wintour at the Luella show today. I let her know how much I was looking forward to seeing ‘The September Issue’ documentary and she said she hoped I will enjoy it. I then asked if I could take a couple of shots and she graciously allowed me to capture this brief moment of quiet solitude before the show started.

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7 Responses to “LFW 09:09 – The September Issue”

  1. The September Issue : Says:

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  2. London Fashion Week 09:09. The September Issue : Says:

    […] posted here:  London Fashion Week 09:09. The September Issue […]

  3. mat Says:

    my friend said she could see AW from where she was standing, exciting

  4. jill Says:

    What a beautiful, ladylike portrait.

    I saw her once, years ago, at a cool, little known restaurant in a town called Bellport, Long Island, with a group of friends including my future (i e current) husband. I was young, and we could see her eyeing me, approvingly. It was a strangely thrilling moment, and I feel you’ve captured the power and sheer intelligence of this extraordinary woman.

    This is possibly the best photo I’ve seen of her. Have you sent it to her?

  5. Wayne Says:

    Thanks for your insights Jill, much appreciated.

  6. julia Says:

    Stunning photo of Anna. I agree with Jill in saying it might be one of the best I’ve seen in her in a very long time.

  7. Wayne Tippetts « Gold Forever Says:

    […] seems to be less discriminatory and photographs everyone who catches his eye, from grungy teens to Anna Wintour. I also love that he sometimes provides a context to his photos. It seems like he really takes the […]

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