Hat Trick

August 31st, 2009

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned a shop in Edinburgh that customises vintage clothes and wondered if it was a trend. Then I came upon Artists Decio and Laura, who met in London and had decided to make and customise both male and female hats.  Decio and Laura quickly realised that vintage garments which generally complement their hats could be customised, leading them to stretch their ideas even further, working with and recycling just about anything, from bottles to accessories and shoes. Calling their Camden based company Hats by the Way Their main focus is to create unique timeless and theatrical pieces.

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3 Responses to “Hat Trick”

  1. Hat Trick : Says:

    […] here to read the rest: Hat Trick […]

  2. Blank Label Says:

    this is a great photo. Sartorialist quality indeed!
    the couple is adorable. her dress is delicious!
    i also love this guy’s lapel. really awesome stuff

  3. the Citizen Rosebud Says:

    This is timeless style. You’ve captured the essence of this couple so poetically.

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