Paris Wrapper

March 16th, 2009

Hmmmm – the oversized chunky shades, the leather jacket and the way this man was swathed in fabric, as he swept past me on rue Commines.

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4 Responses to “Paris Wrapper”

  1. Jennifer Sennott Says:

    So much scarf interest in Paris! Very Junya Watanabe – crazy Japanese chic going on.

  2. JMelody Says:

    Hey CAN you plz tell me what those shades are.
    Been Tryin to find them everywhere..x..

  3. Wayne Says:

    I would love to tell you where those amazing shades came from, but that shot was snatched in a fleeting moment as he flashed by on the streets of Paris.

  4. JMelody Says:

    They Are AMAZING!.x.!
    Where Are U from!>? lol.x.

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