Paris – Gatsbyesque

August 15th, 2012

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4 Responses to “Paris – Gatsbyesque”

  1. Annemarie Says:

    I also own some kind of white hat (actually bought it after watching the movie!) but to my embarrassment, i am to coward to wear it in public. Not linke this courageous girl.

  2. Turina Says:

    Also have a white hat (maybe not as large as this one)but I always end up looking like I just came from gardening not cool and cultured like this girl hehe.

  3. Lauren@Styleseer Says:

    Very elegant jumpsuit. I like it.

  4. alicia Says:

    Disgruntled, hungover, or taken during mid-blink?

    This would look terrible on me, but looks great on her.

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