London – Winter Block

January 30th, 2012

Sometimes when I stop and approach people on the street, I am amazed by how genuinely unaware they seem to be of their stylish appearance-case in point is Laura, pictured here. Laura was so flattered and surprised by me asking if I could take her photo, that she pointed out that she was only wearing “Spanish High street brands”as if this meant she didn’t look special.

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4 Responses to “London – Winter Block”

  1. skadiida Says:



  2. Night at Vogue Says:

    Cute bag!

  3. Lauren@Styleseer Says:

    Love this outfit! The color mix and silhouette are superb.

  4. federica Says:

    Love the bag!
    Love this style!
    Do you know the italian brand Il Bisonte?
    i love it, it makes leather vintage bag, so chic!

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