Jamaica – Kingston Train Station

January 22nd, 2012

I took this shot in Kingston Jamaica railway station in the early 1990s, shortly before taking a journey on the train across the island to Montego Bay. I clearly remember the station was always full of hustle and bustle, with colourful characters both on and off the train. I particularly love this image of the little girl reading her book in her own oasis of calm, seemingly oblivious of the noisy crowd surrounding her. I was lucky enough to take this journey a few times before the line finally closed in 1992. On this occasion the train derailed about halfway through the journey, something, which happened quite frequently-everyone crammed into the remaining carriages and eventually we continued our journey without further incident to Montego Bay. Over the years there has been plenty of talk about reopening the line, in-fact as recent as last year it was mentioned, but unfortunately the only thing the station gets used for these days is music videos.

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6 Responses to “Jamaica – Kingston Train Station”

  1. Vanesa Says:

    Awesome picture! love it!

  2. Fred Says:

    This one is a great pic Wayne !

  3. Wayne Says:

    So glad you like it Fred

  4. in a drawing room Says:

    The photo looks much older than the 90s. The more I look at it the more significant I find it. It’s full of matching colours and parallelisms like the little boy lost in his thoughts at the back of the girl caught in her enthralling reading.

  5. ma Says:

    really love it, now i am living with it , thanks!!

  6. ma Says:

    (maybe sh’e reading ALICE…)

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