London – Tied-Up

July 29th, 2011

More and more young men like Tai (pictured) are starting to wear ties. In Tai’s case he says its because it gives him an air of respectability and he thinks people will take him more seriously. I personally think that the ‘man about town’ look is definitely evolving into something for all ages and interpretations, from macs to sixties style cuts and suits. Also when British politicians and PMs start wearing open-necked shirts and try and look cool, its the kiss of death for non tie wearing ‘cool types’ and perhaps a good time to invest in a tie again. So it was with some surprise that I read that tie wearing is banned from Soho house, in an attempt perhaps to keep the cliental cool looking and city-trader free. Watch this space, as they say, I think the humble tie and bow-tie are going through a revolution.

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3 Responses to “London – Tied-Up”

  1. mat Says:

    interesting, i’ve been looking for new ties of late too

  2. the nyanzi report Says:

    i concur.

  3. Lauren Says:

    I like this preppy look. Interesting Adidas bag – very 70s. And, I totally agree with your observations about politicians trying to look cool. We’re seeing much of the same here in the U.S.

    The Styleseer

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