LFW – Kirstin Knox & Butters

February 20th, 2011

Kirstin Knox, Aka The Clothes Whisperer, breezed in from New York today with Butters her faithful fashion dog. Butters had an audience with Pippa, the Mulberry fashion dog, to talk about all things fashion.

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4 Responses to “LFW – Kirstin Knox & Butters”

  1. The Photodiarist Says:

    Love the sheer look. Have been seeing it everywhere. BTW, do you come to NYC for fashion week?

  2. Wayne Says:

    Hi I would love to come to NYC. I will try and come in the summer.

  3. The Clothes Whisperer Says:

    Great shot! Butters looks so stunning, god I miss her after all these weeks on the road! See you tomorrow 🙂


  4. Wayne Says:

    Thanks so much, I enjoyed our little chat. See you sooon hun!

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