Milan – On The Street

November 9th, 2010

Scott Schuman looking cool on the streets of Milan. It was my first trip to Milan and before I left London I mentioned to Scott that it would be my first visit. When I arrived on the first day, the first person I recognised was Scott, who promptly welcomed me to Milan, which I thought was so thoughtful.

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9 Responses to “Milan – On The Street”

  1. the nyanzi report Says:

    cool picture.

    that was nice of him. i’ve run into him a couple of times during london fashion week and he’s a super cool dude. always willing to listen to what whatever bubble i got to say and also kind enough to allow me to take his picture.

  2. booj Says:

    My first thought was: How did this hobo get Garance?
    I only like his shoes! The pants make him look very short & the rest isn’t very figure-flattering either…

  3. Kit Says:

    How very nice of Mr Schuman.

  4. christinachan Says:

    I’m so glad you got a photo of him. He needs a blog for HIS style! xxx

  5. ninka Says:

    i adore his site and his fashionista wife but this photo is not flattering of him- bad angle? poor mr. schuman, he always captures the best in others. ironic that you manage to do the opposite. i do however, am really enjoying your site.

  6. This Time NOw Says:

    Well that was very kind and thought of Mr. S. This photo right here?!
    I know and it is well known that Mr. S is very short, but I had no about the shape of his body. I hope that he never wears those pants again and for goodness sake, please stay in your classic black blazer and crisp white shirt and decent pants, no matter what the weather. It works for Tom Ford.

  7. Wayne Says:

    It was just a shot of Scott in action on the Street. it’s a shame people are more interested in his height and what he is wearing. I have had to delete a comment that over stepped the mark already, that was way too personal. I guess it is inevitable, as Scott is an arbiter of style on the street. Lets not forget that Mr Schuman has written himself into the history books with his fantastic photos.

  8. This Time NOw Says:

    Well Wayne I love your photography but this blog highlights fashion, what people are wearing on the streets and on the runway. Scott S. even comments about fashion, tailoring, etc. on his blog and goodness knows I’ve learned many things about tailoring thanks to the information that he shares on his blog. Thanks Mr. S! However I think that it’s good to discuss what works and doesn’t work on any and all body types, no matter who it is and now matter how famous they are. It’s not about picking on anyone it’s about simple observation done respectfully. We all have areas that we like to hide or feel inadequate about, thank goodness that we can display or hide or positive and negative features with fashion. That he happens to have on a pair of unflattering pants does not take away from his skill and popularity as a photographer.

  9. Wayne Says:

    Sure I agree with you. I guess I was being over sensitive about an image.

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